The forecast in Kentucky for the next several days is rain, rain, and more rain. It is no surprise that there are flash flood warnings across the state. It is important that we take all the measures to ensure our safety and the safety of our homes.

According Insurance Journal, to the water damage accounts for at least 11% of all home owners insurance claims. The causes can range from being weather related to interior problems (i.e. pipe burst, leaks).

With the ADT Flood Sensor you would be able to get instant notifications to your phone when there is a detection of a leak.

Having this information can allow you to possibly minimize your loss and cost by allowing you to respond as quick as possible.

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Without a flood sensor, you can potentially be able to notice any water threats with a Kentucky Secured camera system. If you are away from home you would able to pull up live camera footage and see if water has breached the property. The ability to see the property along with smart home features such as the door lock, you would be able to schedule a repair man quickly if you are out of town.

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