ADT Command

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The ADT command smart home security system allows you to interact and control other ADT devices. This includes outdoor and indoor security cameras, garage controls, video doorbells, and more.

The ADT command system is compatible with various other home accessories and devices. These include thermostat controls, smart light bulbs, smart locks, and various motion sensors.

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With smarter security, you are increasing control over your property, whether commercial or residential.

HD video security with the ADT command system

The ADT security systems provided by Kentucky Secured offer HD video viewing, allowing a look into and around your home. The ADT command system allows the monitoring and interaction of ADT devices – whether smart light bulbs or outdoor security cameras.

Clear HD video allows you to see who is approaching your front door or if anyone is on the property who shouldn’t be. Similarly, if using for commercial needs, you can monitor staff and customer behavior with ease.

Geo-fencing for increased home efficiency

The ADT command system and respective smartphone applications allow geo-fencing to increase home efficiency, whether setting thermostat timers or heating up water.

The remote control access with the smartphone app allows you to do this on the go, as well as with the central ADT command hub.

This increases efficiency and accessibility within your home, whether automatically opening the garage when driving up the drive or checking in on a newborn during the night.

All ADT systems are designed to enhance security, safety, and home efficiency.

Increased home security & safety

In the event of an emergency, such as a carbon monoxide leak or fire, you will receive a notification and text message directly to your phone.

Also, the appropriate authorities are contacted within minutes to provide the support you need. This allows you to focus on keeping yourself and our family safe.

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