ADT Command Secondary Touchscreen

Smart home capabilities
Can be used as a primary keypad on the Hybrid Command System
Easy voice control
Iincludes integration with leading smart-home platforms for your system and devices.
Advanced encryption technology
Protect your privacy and reduce the potential for hacking.

Automation for different times of day and situations

The intuitive, ADT Command Secondary Color Touchscreen Keypad opens up a world of smart home capabilities for you and your family and also uses encryption technology to help protect your privacy and creating a more secure connection with your devices.

Get 24/7 Monitoring

ADT Command Secondary Touchscreen

Professional Installation

Our security experts will help you decide the best place for your secondary touchscreen.

Remote Control

Secure and control smart devices like lights, thermostats, door locks as well as more remotely.

Voice Control Integration

Integration with leading smart-home platforms. Including Amazon, Alexa and Google Home

Smart Home Automation

Create automation for different times of day and situations. Even use geofencing technology to trigger smart devices like lights as well as thermostats.

Touchscreen Keypad

Though it comes with a kickstand to set on the counter, the tabletop charging cradle is much nicer. It also can be mounted to the wall if you purchase the wall mount kit.


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