ADT Smart Thermostat

Auto schedules
Schedule your smart thermostat setting to help save on energy costs when you’re not home.
Remote control
Use ADT’s mobile app to control your smart thermostat with your mobile device.
Custom alerts
Set up custom smart thermostat notifications to alert you if your home is too cold or too warm.

Smart enough to take orders remotely

Replacing your current thermostat with a new ADT smart thermostat gives you greater control of your energy. Wherever you happen to be, you can remotely adjust, automate, schedule and monitor your home’s temperature with your smart device or computer.

Get 24/7 Monitoring

View product specifications

Z-Wave Plus Certified
Operating Temperature range
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Power requirements
(4) AA Batteries or 24V Power
Humidifier / Dehumidifier
Heat (Fossil or Electric) / AUX heat
Up to three stages
Up to two stages
Heat pump with AUX
Up to five stages
Forced air zoned heat
Up to three stages
Forced air zoned cool
Up to two stages
4.75” x 4” x 1” (120.65 x 101.6 x 25 mm)



Conventional: Cooling power
Heat pump: Cooling power


Conventional: Heating power
Heat pump: Heating power


Conventional: Configurable: W3, B, H, DH, or O
Heat pump: Configurable: W3, B, H, DH, or O


Conventional: Heat Stage 2
Heat pump: AUX Stage 2


Conventional: Heat Stage 1
Heat pump: AUX Stage 1


Conventional: Common wire from secondary side of heating transformer (if two transformers)
Heat pump: Common wire from secondary side of heating transformer


Conventional: Cool Stage 1
Heat pump: Pump Stage 1


Conventional: Heat Stage 1
Heat pump: AUX Stage 1


Conventional: Fan relay
Heat pump: Fan relay

*Equipment may vary in appearance.

ADT Thermostats offer these additional features

Professional installation

Our expert technicians will replace your old thermostat and make sure your new one is working properly.

A new level of comfort

Designed specifically for smart homes, it provides you with the ultimate in convenience.

Wide compatibility

It works with most standard HVAC systems and heat pumps.

Smart setup

The ADT Thermostat easily syncs with your ADT smart security network.

Z-Wave compatible

Integrate the smart thermostat with other smart devices and expand your home automation.


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