The Kentucky Secured team provides home and business security services for both commercial and residential properties in the Bluegrass region. 

Since 2014, Kentucky Secured is Lexington’s preferred local provider and operator for commercial and home security. All security systems from cameras to smart locks can be controlled from single or multiple command centers.

There is also a dedicated smartphone app for controlling smart devices. This includes monitoring security cameras, adjusting thermostat control, or remotely unlocking doors.

Since 2014, the Kentucky secured team has provided customized home and business security services for many happy customers in the Kentucky area.

Our range of services varies, from indoor and outdoor security cameras, doorbell cameras, glass breaker sensors, floor detectors, and more.

Home security services

We provide various security smart home services and accessories. From indoor and outdoor security cameras to smart lighting and thermostat control, we have everything you need to increase the efficiency and security of your property.

Home automation services include:

  • Smart light bulbs
  • Video doorbell cameras
  • Garage door security 
  • Smart locks
  • Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

Home and business security services provide an extra layer of protection over your property, whether commercial or residential – protecting your family, business, and/or valuables.

Business security services 

Alongside providing various home security services, we also offer a wide range of business security options. 

These are very similar to our home services, however, generally, involve a much larger set up compared to residential properties. 

These services include motion sensors, including the glass break sensor, command floor detector, and wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Adding sensors such as these, alongside various cameras and a central hub, increases employee safety and ease of mind. This increases productivity and creates a safe and relaxed work environment for all employees.

However, in particular, the command floor center is more likely to be utilized in a business set up compared to a residential property. This provides greater remote control over all smart and security devices.

Likewise, as a manager, you can also place security cameras inside to watch over stock, staff, and even customers. This is especially beneficial when training new staff, ensuring they are not stealing, slacking, and are actually doing their job right.

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