More and more homeowners are choosing keyless homes, making the transition, and leaving their keys behind for good. Now, you may be thinking: if you’re not using a key, then how can you access your property? There are numerous ways thanks to various technology, including fingerprint scanners, digital passcodes, and various other identification means for smart locks.

Going keyless, although still a relatively new phenomenon, presents many benefits to homeowners. So, with this in mind, this blog post will discuss this in more detail, specifically the benefits of keyless homes.

No more losing your keys 

This point is rather obvious; however, without any keys, you can no longer lose them. If you’re prone to losing things, then this is a massive plus. Instead, you will access your home via a fingerprint scanner or, most likely, some form of digital passcode or app authentication. 

Don’t fret, if you somehow forget your passcode, there are other ways to get into your home. For example, although technically not keyless, some homes do come with a backup lock and key mechanism should you somehow lock yourself out or if the system is to go down. 

Grant anyone access to your home 

Another benefit of keyless homes is the ability to grant anyone access to your front door (or other locked rooms). For example, if you’re on vacation, you can provide a friend or family member an access code to check on your property, collect post, or to perform other household tasks.

This is a major benefit, especially for large and expanded families with no need of cutting a dozen keys for access. Instead, it’s a simple passcode or fingerprint. Easy.

Keyless homes can be more secure than traditional locks

While first you may not think keyless homes would be as secure as those with locks, it can be argued that keyless homes are actually more secure than regular locks. This is because there are multiple layers of protection, and sometimes, also come with a backup key, as previously mentioned.

These electronic locks provide greater security, especially for those living in the city or particularly rough neighborhoods, providing you with that all-so-important peace of mind.

The bottom line 

Keyless homes may just be the future, with the average household ditching their keys and opting for a much more simple but safe solution: a passcode or password entry. Before going ahead and changing all of the locks, you should ensure to choose a trusted and reputable brand, discussing the pros and cons before making the investment, although we’re sure it will be the right one!

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