Office building security needs to be taken more seriously than ever before.

It likely comes as no surprise that business facilities and premises are typically high targets for burglars. But you likely already knew that – you’re looking for a way to improve business security, right?!

So, in this article, we’ll provide you with a few essential tips for improving business facility security, beginning with a risk assessment and following up with CCTV, secure door locks, alarms, and other tips and pieces of kit. 

6 essential tips for improving business facility security 

We recommend the following for increasing office building security:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment 
  2. Install CCTV cameras
  3. Use secure door locks
  4. Implement a lock-up routine 
  5. Use security lights
  6. Install a security alarm

Keep reading to find out more about each workplace/office building security tip.

Conduct a risk assessment

Before you go out and buy the latest security devices, we encourage you to conduct a risk assessment.

Note down all entry and exit points and potential areas of risk, such as a storefront and doors or windows that are either weak or more exposed than other areas.

Using the information gathered from your risk assessment, you can determine the best security strategy (such as where to position security cameras). 

Install CCTV cameras

Security cameras are one of the most widely used, cost-effective methods of security, not only for businesses, but also for residential homes and other properties. 

We suggest installing outdoor cameras at all exit/entry points – you want full coverage around the business premises.

Not only in the event of an incident will you have footage of what happened, but often, the presence of cameras deters crime, making your business property less likely to be targeted.

If you have a storefront, you may wish to install indoor security cameras looking outwards – these are more protected and provide that extra layer of security. 

Use secure door locks

Secure door locks are your first line of defense against theft.

You want to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to gain access to your property.

Using a secure lock system, such as the Comelit VIP, protects your business facility. These secure door locks require passcodes and often other identification to gain access to your building.

A padlock and a basic key won’t do – you need to upgrade your security to protect your business property.

Implement a lock-up routine 

Chances are, unless you’re the next Elon Musk, when 5 pm hits, you leave the premises and go home. 

Whoever leaves last should follow a lock-up routine – have a checklist of items that need ticked off before leaving. 

For example, this could include turning off the lights, locking the doors, setting the alarm code, and a general check of the building before closing.

Ensure all members of staff (who leave late) are familiar with the routine – it’s one of the best ways to increase business facility security. 

Use security lights 

A set of security lights can go a long way. 

Security lights are relatively inexpensive but can be placed around your office building or business premises to further deter intruders and crime.

Furthermore, these lights will increase visibility on your security cameras if anything is to happen. But usually, sudden light is enough to spook a criminal – so ensure to scatter these around (in the parking lot, the entrances, and around the perimeter).

Install a security alarm

Finally, all buildings should have an alarm.

There are many options available, some that exclusively sound an alarm and others that directly notify the authorities.  

We suggest installing an alarm that at least notifies you of any intruder or suspicious activity (if the alarm is triggered).

Installing an alarm will increase peace of mind. And, some insurance providers may provide you with a cheaper quote – so it’s a worthy investment.

Improve business facility security the right way

This blog post has provided you with six essential tips for improving business facility security.

After conducting a risk assessment and with the right equipment, increasing building security is easy.

While you’ll never fully be able to prevent crime, you can deter it. And in the unfortunate event of an incident, you’ll have all the necessary footage to proceed to the next necessary steps.

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