Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Versatile mounting
Mount them on the ceiling or wall, with wireless options for difficult-to-wire locations.
Tamper resistant
Built-in tamper switch communicates back to the control panel if a carbon monoxide detector is removed from its base.
Electrochemical sensing
Capable of detecting low levels of CO.


Fast detection, faster response

When every second counts, monitored smoke and carbon monoxide sensors can help detect the first signs of fire and/or gas leak. Then our monitoring centers can quickly alert your local fire department and send you a text or alert as soon as fire or leak is detected in your home.

Get 24/7 Monitoring

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Sensor life
Approximately 6 years | Notifies when time to replace
Battery life
Up to 10 years | Alerts when battery is low
Hardwired and wireless options available
8.5 oz.

*Equipment may vary in appearance.

The best detectors offer these additional features:

Professional installation

Our security experts can help you decide the best place to install your detectors.

Loud alarm

Alerts you when CO is detected in your home.

Test/hush button

Allows you to perform periodic testing of your carbon monoxide detector.

LED status indicator

Provides you with visual status indication of your detector.

Customizable options

Ensures optimal carbon monoxide detector setup, with wireless and hard-wired options.


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