If you’re considering upgrading your home security, then you may be looking at various ADT security systems. ADT is a reputable and trusted brand when it comes to security, so firstly, good choice!

Anyways, moving on: choosing an ADT security system provides you with various different integrative accessories to choose from. For example, you can connect various cameras, sensors, and smart thermometers to your central hub for easy and convenient access and greater control of your home.

So, with this in mind, the remainder of this blog post will highlight our favorite ADT security systems for you to choose from, beginning with the must-have ADT command panel. 

ADT command panel

The ADT command panel ties all other accessories and smart devices together, to one convenient and easy to control hub. From the panel, you can arm and disarm alarms, turn on and off cameras, view live feeds, adjust the temperature of your home, and more.

It should be noted, however, that you need the additional ADT security systems for some of these features to work. For example, if you don’t have a smart thermostat, then you’re not going to be able to change the temperature automatically.

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Smart thermostat 

Next up, as briefly touched upon already, we have the smart thermostat. Although not an ADT security system, it is a super handy piece of kit! You can set schedules for both heating and hot water, while also controlling this away from home or from your ADT command panel.

This is super useful, allowing you to minimize energy wastage, reduce your bills, but still keep your house warm.

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ADT security systems – indoor and outdoor cameras

Finally, we have a selection of indoor and outdoor cameras. A selection of cameras should be included in any security setup, providing excellent coverage of your property in the case of an incident. Furthermore, cameras may also deter crime, so they’re always great to have around!

Let’s begin with indoor cameras. Indoor cameras are protected inside the property, usually looking out. You can also install these to look inside the property, perhaps watching doorways or entry points.

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Finally, we have the classic ADT outdoor camera. These are also placed near doors and windows, providing coverage of the exterior of the property. Often these cameras prove the most useful, deterring crime, and providing valuable footage in the event of a break-in.

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We recommend choosing various ADT security systems for your property to enhance your home security, including both indoor and outdoor cameras for the best results.

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