Curious how wireless thermostats work? You’re likely not the only one!

If you’re considering the upgrade to a wireless thermostat, then you likely have several questions. 

For starters, you may be wondering how they work, if remote access is possible, and what other benefits are on offer.

Well, this article will answer all of your questions, providing a quick run-down on the must-have product.

How do wireless thermostats work?

Wireless thermostats are essentially just a smarter version of the old school thermostat. That’s right; we just said old school.

For example, instead of exclusively controlling your thermostat by the dial on the wall, you can control this with your phone, application, or from another smart device or central hub in your home.

The benefits of this are numerous. However, it mainly comes down to convenience – more on this below.

Remote access

As a wireless thermostat connects to the WIFI, this grants you remote access to your heating. 

Let’s say you’re at work from 9-5 Monday to Friday. That’s pretty standard for most households, right? 

Well, with a wireless thermostat, you can not only set a schedule, but you can monitor the heat of your home while you’re out. 

You can adjust the temperature with your phone, ensuring you come home to a warm house – there’s nothing quite like it in the depths of winter. Believe us. 

Does it work without WIFI?

Yes! Wireless thermostats work without WIFI. However, you will not be able to change the temperature from your phone remotely.

Instead, if you are to lose WIFI connection, the temperature can only be adjusted manually.

Despite this, it should not really be an issue. Besides, how often does your WIFI unexpectedly drop? And if it does, you’ll only have to make a short trip off of the couch to turn the dial.

What other options are available? 

As with regular thermostats, there are many other benefits and options available. For example, you can still set heating and hot water schedules, set a room (or entire home) to maintain a set temperature, or if you have air conditioning, program this to work in combination during the summer months.

The bottom line 

If you don’t yet have a wireless thermostat, then you’re missing out!

This small piece of kit provides you with greater control over your home, allowing you to return home to the perfect temperature.

Besides, it’s the little things in life.

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