Looking to increase the security of your home? Why not try the glass break detector – an affordable and intelligent piece of kit. 

The glass break sensor is an affordable home security option, increasing safety, deterring theft, and helping you to protect what’s most important – your loved ones.

Often, a sensor is your first line of defense against theft – after all, glass is usually shattered before entering a property. So, why wouldn’t you protect yourself?

This blog post will discuss how a glass break sensor works, including how it’s triggered, the benefits, and more.

What triggers an a glass break sensor? 

The glass break sensor detects the noise of broken glass within a 25-feet range. When glass is broken, it sounds an alarm and sends a notification to your smart device with live alerts so you can react quickly. 

The sensor can be placed next to windows or sliding doors, providing you protection against several entry points.

Typically, many homeowners choose to install glass break sensors, covering multiple windows and doors for ultimate coverage and protection.

What are the benefits?

Okay, now that you know how it works, let’s discuss the benefits:

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Real-time notifications sent to your smart device
  • Up to 25-feet of coverage
  • Glass break sensors help deter burglars 
  • 4 sensitivity options 

Each of these benefits will now be explained in more detail below.

24/7 coverage 

The glass break sensor provides 24/7 coverage of your home, ideal for when you’re at work, on vacation, or even lounging around the house.

There’s nothing quite as essential and reassuring as home security

The glass break detector uses batteries too, so if you lose power, the sensor will still be activated. 

Real-time notifications sent to your smart device

When the alarm is sounded, the glass break sensor sends an alert and real-time notifications to your smart device, allowing you to act accordingly, whether that means calling the authorities or getting to safety. 

Up to 25-feet of coverage

For the glass break detector to work, the sensor must be placed within 25 feet of a window or door. 

And while 25-feet is substantial, we’d recommend multiple sensors for separate windows and other entry points.

Glass break sensors help deter burglars 

It’s no secret that glass break sensors help deter burglars. 

And while some alarms are silent, the glass break sensor sounds a verbal and loud alarm with the aim of deterring burglars.

Furthermore, the alarm is obviously useful if your property is broken into while you’re asleep or otherwise unaware, alerting you to the situation and allowing you to act accordingly. 

4 sensitivity options 

The glass break sensor has four sensitivity options, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity appropriately.

For example, the lowest sensitivity setting will require a significant shatter to trigger the alarm. On the other hand, higher sensitivity options require the slightest noise to trigger the alarm – so fine tune to your liking. 

Higher sensitivity settings are more likely to be triggered by similar noises, whether that’s the emptying of recycling, knocking on a window, or similar noises. 

What’s the difference between a glass break sensor and window sensor?

Window sensors are typically triggered due to movement, as opposed to the noise of glass shattering like the glass break sensor. 

Both have their advantages, but the glass break sensor is slightly more universal, protecting against people attempting to break into your home. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate security setup, then you can set up both sensors. And while this will increase security, it isn’t entirely necessary. But hey, we’re not one to discourage those looking to further increase home protection.

The bottom line 

The glass break detector is a convenient, affordable, and practical home security solution. 

For ultimate coverage and protection, we’d recommend installing multiple glass break sensors around the home. Moreover, the addition of a few security cameras is also a good idea – especially for those on a budget.

Nonetheless, installing an glass break detector provides a much-needed first-line of security to your home.

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