Knowing how to get rid of spiders on security cameras is key – they obstruct the camera view, they’re disgusting to clean, and well, who likes spiders. Right?

Many people think spiders are attracted to security cameras. But this isn’t the case! It’s bugs and other insects that are lured in by the infrared and LED lights, just like how moths fly to the nearest light and do a great job of keeping you up at night in the summer.

Well, while bugs are typically not an issue, spiders can build nests and webs that block the view of your camera. Also, they may trigger false alerts (if you have a smart motion sensor camera).

So, how to keep bugs and spiders away from security cameras? Well, this blog post has all the answers, providing you with a few tips on keeping that view clear and those spiders away for good.

How to get rid of spiders on security cameras

As mentioned already, bugs are typically not an issue – it’s the spiders the bugs attract that begin to cause problems.

So, to get rid of spiders on security cameras, we suggest the following:

  • Apply a lubricant to your camera
  • Use a spray and bug repellant 
  • Sweep and maintain cameras regularly 

Keep reading to find out how each method works to help get rid of spiders.

Apply a lubricant to your camera 

Lubricant applied to the outside of your camera will help deter spiders – it’s too slippery for them to stay and build webs (just make sure to use a high-quality lubricant for the best results).

You can also use vaseline or similar products, or you can go down the range of bug and spider repellant to do the trick.

If you decide to apply a lubricant to your camera, ensure to protect the lens before doing so.

Use a spray and bug repellant

As previously mentioned, spray and bug repellent is a great way of keeping spiders and bugs away from your security cameras.

The repellants deter spiders and keep them from webbing and building a nest on your camera (which is the last thing you want, trust us). 

Once again, there’s a DIY option available: peppermint oil. 

Sweep and maintain cameras regularly 

This next tip involves getting your hands dirty, but a regular sweep and clean-up around your cameras are needed from time to time.

The more you keep on top of it, the less work it should be – be sure to check daily to keep your cameras web-free.

How to keep bugs away from security cameras 

Okay, although bugs are not the real issue, keeping the nasties away can help further repel spiders.

So, we suggest the following:

  • Turn off the LED lighting 
  • Use bug repellant spray

Below, you will find more info on each method, showing you how to keep bugs away from security cameras.

Turn off the LED lighting

Bugs and insects are naturally attracted to LED lighting – it’s why they’re on your camera in the first place.

If possible, turn off the lighting to repel the bugs. This will help in attracting fewer spiders, too. 

Use bug repellant spray

Alongside using spider repellant, you can also apply a bug spray. 

These sprays are typically inexpensive, but usually involve ingredients such as eucalyptus and lavender. You can of course make your own, too.

If using sprays (bug and spider), then be sure to apply carefully, keeping away chemicals and nasty pesticides away from children, pets, and others. And certainly don’t over-do-it as it can be dangerous! 

To conclude 

This article has discussed how to get rid of spiders and bugs on security cameras, helping create a clear crystal image for when it really matters.

Remember: bugs on security cameras are typically not the issue, but if you can repel them, then you’ll also help fight the spider issue.

Removing bugs and spiders helps increase security and ensures you don’t need to buy any new gear for quite some time. But bugs and spiders are only half the issue – read how to deter birds.

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