Knowing how to keep birds away from security cameras can be tough – here’s how it’s done.

You’ve just invested in a brand new security camera, a few days go by, and you decide to look at the footage to see just how good it is, but shocker: the only thing you’ve been recording are those neighborhood birds nesting and perching on your cameras.

This isn’t a new problem – it’s been an obstacle for home and property owners for years. But how do you actually keep birds off security cameras?

Well, unless you’re shooting a nature documentary, then you’re going to want to listen up. This blog post will highlight five useful tips, showing you how to keep birds away from security cameras for good.

Birds and security cameras do not mix well!

If you’re reading this article, then we don’t need to tell you that birds and security cameras do not mix well…

Perhaps they’ve already begun nesting on your camera, they’ve started attacking your setup, or maybe they’ve done their business all down your wall. Whatever it is, they don’t mix well.

Although they tend to perch on security cameras, the real problem is the nesting. 

Nesting can be disruptive and may damage your cameras. So, you need to keep them away and prevent nesting to protect your cameras and provide actual security footage. Because let’s face it, that’s what you bought them for.

Oh, and let’s not forget that birds can send false alarms to your cameras (if motion-based). 

5 tips on how to keep birds away from security cameras

Okay, below you will find five tips on how to keep birds off security cameras:

  1. Clean your security cameras regularly 
  2. Install a bird feeding station
  3. Use a deterrent gel 
  4. Shiny objects are your friend
  5. Install bird spikes 

Keep reading to find out how each tactic works, allowing you to stop the nesting for good.

Clean your security cameras regularly 

Not only is cleaning your cameras good for maintenance, but you can prevent birds from nesting in/on them.

You don’t need to be obsessive about it – a quick check once a day is plenty, removing any debris and preventing nesting.

Install a bird feeding station 

Now, this may seem a little backward, attracting birds to your garden, but there’s some method to the madness.

Installing a bird feed station may lead the birds away from your camera. Just be sure to install it far enough away that they don’t bounce from one ledge to another – that kinda defeats the point.

Use a deterrent gel 

Deterrent gel is a great way of keeping birds from nesting in your security cameras. But you’ll want to protect your camera first to ensure no gel gets inside, as this may cause damage or even break them.

Despite this, and while it is effective, deterrent gels can get into the birds’ feathers (if you live in an area where there are loads of protected birds, then this is likely not the best approach).

Shiny objects are your friend 

Birds hate shiny objects. So, use that to your advantage.

Place shiny rods and other objects near your cameras to prevent them from nesting and perching on your setup.

Just ensure you don’t block the view of your camera or ruin the video through reflections.

This method works best when paired with another method, such as bird spikes or applying a deterrent gel.

Install bird spikes 

Okay, we know what you’re going to say: aren’t bird spikes dangerous?

Bird spikes are not designed to harm birds; rather, they are intended to stop them perching and nesting on your camera.

The goal is not to harm the birds – that’s far from the aim and, quite frankly, would be very cruel.

If all other methods fail, then bird spikes are the way to go. Ensure to purchase stainless steel spikes for the best results.

Keep birds off your security cameras for good

There’s nothing more frustrating than birds taking over your security cameras, but with a little thought and a few DIY tricks, you can stop them from perching and nesting on your new set-up for good.

Ideally, you should use multiple methods for the best results. For example, hanging shiny objects and using bird spikes, applying a deterrent gel and installing a feeding station, and so on.

Birds are only half the battle, though: you also need to watch out for spiders and bugs.

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