If you consider yourself tech-savvy, then you may be considering upgrading to digital locks for the doors on your home.

This upgrade to digital locks is becoming more and more common, with many households opting for fingerprint systems, Bluetooth connections, key fobs, and passcodes. However, despite this, you may have a few security concerns or issues.

Well, this blog post aims to discuss just how secure smart locks are for your doors. So, let’s begin. 

Digital locks may increase attention 

A factor that many homeowners fail to consider is that digital locks may increase attention and awareness of your home. 

For example, if you have a keypad that lights up, then this is not the most incognito of things. While this may not be an issue for many households, it is something you should consider. 

The increased remote access and monitoring is useful 

Many digital locks provide you with remote access and monitoring options. 

Not only can you let people in the property, whether a delivery man to leave a parcel or a friend who’s checking in while you’re on vacation, but you can also set up alerts to see if the doors are unlocked, locked, or if anyone has entered your home. 

Smart locks are usually the same strength as regular locks 

When people think of smart and digital locks, they usually think that they are purchasing a stronger lock mechanism. However, this usually is not the case. 

Often, digital locks are just as strong, if not sometimes less robust, than regular locks. Instead, smart locks are more convenient, but do not instantly provide additional security and reinforced protection in the event of a break-in. 

Digital locks are more convenient than increasingly secure 

Finally, following on from our previous point, digital locks are more convenient than secure.

For example, most intrusions happen through unlocked doors, or trespassers force entry through windows or other entry points.

While smarter locks provide you with increased convenience and peace of mind, they do have some of the same risks as regular locks.

So, while they are useful in numerous situations, an upgrade to your locks does not turn your house into Fort Knox. 

We recommend combining smart locks with other security features and accessories for proper increased security and peace of mind, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion sensors, and other accessories. 

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