You may have noticed that some doors have two locks, perhaps leaving you a little puzzled and unsure why some homes utilize this feature. For starters, this is obviously not necessary for all doors, however, it can provide peace of mind, especially for those living in the city.

Upgrading your door to have two locks may be something you may wish to consider, providing extra protection from the outside world. This article will further discuss why some people choose to have two locks instead of one. Following on from this, we will then highlight alternative options for those security-conscious. 

Two locks are better than one for most doors 

Often, many homeowners use two locks instead of one as this is safer. For example, let’s say the lock mechanism breaks; with two locks, you can still lock the door while you get this replaced. Essentially, most homeowners use the second lock as a backup, providing peace of mind just in case the mechanism is to fail on you or if you happen to lose a key (and have the other one). 

For those living in particularly rough neighborhoods, rural areas, or city centers, you may wish to consider a deadbolt, too. However, that’s a topic for another blog.

Smart locks vs. two locks 

An alternative to a two-lock door is a smart lock. Smart locks are becoming more and more popular, used by many households to replace the traditional key. Often, however, these smart locks can still be accessed with a key in case of an emergency. But usually, a passcode or other security authentication is required to access the property, e.g. scanning an app on your phone or entering a password.

Essentially, smart locks are a form of two locks, especially if you have a backup key, too. These can work in conjunction with one another, or separately. You can also still add a deadbolt to your door, once again providing further peace of mind and protection. 

The bottom line 

It is not uncommon for many apartments and homes to have two locks on the door instead of one. This increases protection, and in case of a mechanism break, allows you to still lock your property while waiting on getting this replaced or repaired.

So, for increased safety, consider one of two options: a two-lock door or, alternatively, a smart lock, unlocking the future of your home and providing you with further peace of mind. 

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