The security of your home is a top priority, keeping you and your family safe. Regardless of whether you live, you can’t go wrong with a security setup. Not only does it provide you with that much-needed peace of mind, but it protects you from those unfortunate incidents.

Despite what many people may say, home security on a budget is entirely possible. Sure, it may not be as advanced as other interconnected and expensive pieces of kit, but there is a plethora of options at hand, too. 

So, in this blog post, we will provide you a rundown of various home security options available on a budget, beginning with an all-time classic: gravel or stones.

Gravel and stones

That’s right, gravel and stones. A natural deterrent of crime and a great alarm system. It’s virtually impossible to walk on gravel without making plenty of noise, alerting you to any intruder on your property.

It’s also very inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, a win, win in our book. 

Security cameras

Your home security on a budget plan should ideally include at least two security cameras. However, you can save money by not going for anything flashy, including the type that connects to smart and home automation devices.

Instead, look for the barebones, sure they may not be as good, but it’s plenty good enough to keep a watchful eye on your property. Furthermore, if something is to happen, you will footage to support a case or to provide to the police to help identify a suspect.

Install a deadbolt on your door

Installing a deadbolt on your door is a great way to increase security. This is also super inexpensive – you can pick one up from your local hardware store. A deadbolt provides peace of mind and an extra layer of protection from the outside, which in the case of an intrusion can make all the difference.

Security lights

Home security on a budget should also involve at least one security light. These are usually timed or activated by movement. Usually, these work best to deter crime, as although someone might not be home, it gives the impression that people are. Also, it shines a light on any potential trespassers, decreasing the likelihood of them hanging around for much longer.

Keep valuables out of sight 

Finally, a completely free option when it comes to home security on a budget: keeping your valuables out of sight. When you’re not home, move any laptops, smart devices, or other valuables away from the windows, perhaps in a cupboard or drawer for safekeeping.

This is more relevant for storing stuff in cars, but the same applies to your home, too!

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