The topic of home security is one that deserves attention from time to time. Maintaining the security of your home is essential, protecting your family, your valuables, and those you love the most. Ideally, you should perform several security checks regularly, including the integrity of any door locks.

Door locks are one of the most obvious entry points into a property. However, over time, these locks can become worn, perhaps needing to be replaced. Furthermore, there are also methods of increasing security. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss exactly that: tips on how to increase the security of your door lock at home. 

Assess your door lock regularly 

Assessing your door lock regularly is easy. However, doing so can protect you in the event of an intrusion. When assessing your lock, look for signs of damage, rust, general aging, or other potential concerns.

If you notice your lock to be damaged or weak, it could be worth replacing this lock. You can either do this yourself if you know how, or work with a professional. The choice is yours.

Add a peep hole to your door 

While this does not necessarily directly increase the security of a door lock, it does increase the security of the door and your home. By adding a peep hole, you can see who is at your door before answering. 

This is extremely valuable, great for those time where you’re just not quite sure. Besides, an additional bit of safety never goes unwanted. 

Install a deadbolt with your door lock

To further increase the security of your home, consider installing a deadbolt. A deadbolt must be opened from the inside with a thumb, and, therefore, cannot be swiped or opened with a knife or a credit card. This provides enhanced protection, even if the intruder is to bypass the first lock.

You can also install a chain to your door. This is another inexpensive and popular method of increasing door lock strength, providing you with that much-needed security. 

To conclude 

Regularly assessing the quality of your door lock is the best thing you can do to enhance security. Furthermore, consider installing a chain, deadbolt, or maybe even a strike plate if required. 

If you’re looking to further improve the security of your door, you could consider smart locks – another secure and smart system that is currently all the rage.

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