Home automation and smart devices are all the hype. However, very few people consider the potential disadvantages these clever devices offer. While they certainly do benefit many homeowners and families, understanding the potential downsides can improve your smart home experience. 

So, this blog post will highlight the potential disadvantages of various home automation systems, making you more aware of what to look for, including ways to protect yourself. 

Home automation systems are expensive

To begin with, home automation systems are expensive. There is no doubt about it. If you’re looking to equip your entire home, then be prepared to leave a smart home-sized hole in your bank. 

Instead, many homeowners choose to purchase one or two pieces of kit, perhaps a central hub or smart device, paired with perhaps a door lock, a doorbell camera, security camera, or if you’re feeling extra fancy, smart light bulbs.

Potential security issues

As with all things that connect to the internet, you run the risk of security issues. This is true of whatever smart home automation system you have. However, protecting yourself is relatively straightforward. And yes, that involves changing your password.

Don’t just choose any old password either. And if using multiple devices, consider using different passwords to protect these devices. Furthermore, if you have the option, set up two-factor authentication. This further increases security, providing you with increased ease of mind.

Many home automation systems require the internet

As previously discussed, virtually all home automation systems require the internet. Therefore, if your internet is to go down, you may be out of luck. Luckily, most systems have some form of backup. For example, if you use smart door locks, you should still be able to lock your doors. Well, imagine the outrage and security threat if you couldn’t…

Nonetheless, it can be an inconvenience, turning that added accessibility into shambles. So, be sure to choose a good and reliable internet service provider, keeping you online 24/7.

They can be difficult to set up

Finally, it is worth noting that home automation systems can be difficult to set up. This is especially true if you’re not too technically minded, or if setting and pairing multiple smart devices. You may require support to get going. However, if this is the case, then don’t worry – the team at KY Secured is here to help you.

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