There are many definitions of a ‘smart home,’ with some more official and in-depth than others. However, as we see it, a proper functioning smart home utilizes multiple devices, all of which are integrated together to improve connectivity and efficiency within your property.

For example, if your central heating can be programmed from your smartphone, your doors can be locked and unlocked from the touch of a button, and you can ask an AI device to turn on and off the lights, then your property definitely qualifies as smart.

This blog post will further define the popular term, discussing what it is exactly that makes a home smart.

Increased harmony with one’s lifestyle

A smart home should bring harmony to your (and your family’s) lifestyle, especially instead of disruption. For example, your home technological setup should ideally increase efficiency, reduce stress, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Perhaps you forgot to add an item to your shopping list, you failed to turn off the lights before bed, or you left the heating on. With the right technology, you can correct these mistakes or incidents with a simple command or click of a button on your smartphone, improving harmony within your home.

Remote access and use

Another key component of many smart properties is the remote access and use. For instance, you can adjust the temperature of your home when you’re not there, interact with visitors via a doorbell camera, and watch what is going on both inside and outside your property via smart security cameras, accessed via a central hub.

While remote access isn’t necessary, it’s almost guaranteed with a smart setup.

Obtaining value from a smart home 

Finally, if you obtain value from smart technology, then your home likely qualifies. As previously mentioned, if normal tasks are made easier and almost effortless, then you’ve likely reached the ranks and qualify as a smart property owner.

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