Home security cameras are great, allowing you to monitor your property 24/7, with this footage recorded and available for playback if required. More and more homeowners are upgrading their home security systems, including the use of security cameras. However, where exactly is best to position these cameras?

This is a question asked by many homeowners. Therefore, this article will answer this question and more.

Home security cameras should be installed on the ground floor first

To begin, you should place and install security cameras on the ground floor, covering all major access points, for example, the front door, back door, and any windows. These cameras should be positioned both inside and out, providing full coverage of the exterior of your property, catching criminals red-handed in the event of a burglary or other suspicious activity. 

The driveway

You should install a home security camera on your driveway, watching over any vehicles you may own and access to the garage. This is often one of the easiest places to access, so it’s important to have eyes on this at all times.

Watching over any valuables

If you have valuables in your home, whether a safe full of jewelry or important documents lying around, you should set up security cameras in these rooms. However, we do not recommend installing cameras in bathrooms or bedrooms. Instead, hallways, basements, garages, and other rooms can be surveilled, further increasing the security of your property.

Install home security cameras in communal areas

Finally, you should place cameras in communal areas around your home. For instance, this could include your kitchen, main hallway, or sitting room, allowing you to capture evidence if necessary in the event of a burglary. Once again, though, this is down to personal preference and privacy, so don’t feel the need to place these cameras in areas that may make you or your family feel uncomfortable.

To conclude

When installing home security cameras, these should be placed in major hotspots, including your driveway, garage, all ground floor access points, and even in communal rooms inside the property.

This increases security and allows you to rest assured knowing not only that you are covered in the event of a crime, but you’ll also deter crime with the number of security cameras you have installed.

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