You’ve likely heard of doorbell cameras before; however, perhaps you’re a little confused as to how they work? A doorbell camera is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a camera built-in to your doorbell, sometimes called a video doorbell, allowing you to see and speak to the person on the other side of the door.

This is useful for several reasons, including increased security (you can interact and see the person before opening the door), added convenience (you receive a notification when someone is at the door), and a live feed and recording to monitor who is coming to your home.

The remainder of this article will address more on the topic of doorbell cameras, beginning with why you should consider installing one.

Why should you install a doorbell camera?

A video doorbell often contains more technology than a standard camera, usually containing motion sensor technology, recording capabilities, and a security camera that is always recording. This is an underused but vital piece of technology, one you should definitely consider installing on your property.

What are the benefits of installing a doorbell camera?

Benefits of installing this include:

  • Catching package thieves red-handed 
  • Knowing who is at the door before answering, therefore increasing security
  • Speak with visitors to your home from anywhere
  • Monitor the security of your home, even at night

The main benefit of installing a doorbell camera is the added security this provides to your property. Knowing who is on the other end of the door is crucial, allowing you to interact (e.g. letting a delivery person know where to leave a package), or to monitor your home with a camera increases your safety. Besides, if anything is to happen, you’re likely to catch this on the recording.

To conclude

Home security technology has never been more impressive – we have dozens of devices available to monitor our homes like never before. However, one piece of kit, in particular, the video doorbell, is underused but yet extremely useful.

Install a doorbell camera today and protect your property, your family, and your prized possessions with the added security provided.

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