Home security is a hot topic at the moment, with many households and businesses upgrading to smart cameras, motion sensors, and other technology to increase the security of their homes and businesses. However, what about door locks?

While all the technology in the world will provide more security, the security of your door locks is just as important. If these are weak or not up to the correct standard, then these can be compromised much easier – making for an easier break-in target.

Don’t worry, however. In this article, we will discuss door locks in more detail, in particular, how to increase their security so you can increase the security of your home, protecting those you love the most.

Consider upgrading your locks 

Firstly, you should consider upgrading your locks. If your doors or locks are relatively old or outdated, these may have usual wear and tear, which makes these easier to compromise. Ideally, your lock should be anti-snap and have gone through vigorous testing before installation.

Second, if you’d like to step into the future and perhaps spend a little bit more money, you can also upgrade to smart locks. Smart locks allow you to access your home with a smartphone or other device, removing the need for a key and increasing your security two-fold. 

Install a deadbolt 

If you don’t already have a deadbolt installed on your door, then you should seriously consider doing so. This increases the structural integrity and security of your door massively, making it much more difficult for a criminal to break in through the door.

When purchasing a deadbolt, we recommend choosing a mid to high-end option, avoiding the cheapest ones on the market if possible. You want a deadbolt with significant strength to further increase security. The cheaper ones are likely to be made of weaker materials, so pick one with greater integrity. 

Add a security camera to the front door

Finally, if you’ve upgraded your locks and installed a deadbolt but want a little extra security, you should install an outdoor or indoor security camera to the front door. This will further deter criminals, reducing the likelihood of any break-ins.

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