Most apartment buildings are relatively safe, especially if you live on one of the higher floors. However, in rougher neighborhoods, security is even more important. Besides, you can never be too safe, and peace of mind is certainly not underrated. 

So, whether you live alone in Kentucky, a different state entirely, or perhaps NYC, apartment security should be a top priority. Therefore, we’ve put together some top tips to increase security and provide peace of mind no matter where you live.

Invest in a home security system

If you are renting an apartment, chances are there is already a home security system installed. However, if not, consider asking your landlord to install one; after all, it benefits them just as much.

A home security system will include a general alarm and motion sensors, alerting you to any unusual activity and allowing you to get to safety and to call the police.

Don’t hide a key!

You may be tempted to hide a spare key, whether for guests or in case you get locked out. However, in regards to apartment security, this is not safe and you need to stop doing this. This may be okay in smaller and more friendly neighborhoods, but in an apartment building, this is asking for trouble. Ditch the hidden key and instead give a spare to a friend, just in case.

Invest in motion-activated lights

Motion-activated lights can be paired with your home security system, activated via motion technology (when someone enters the area). These lights are great apartment security and can be installed both inside and outside, acting as a spotlight to prevent crime before it takes place. Usually, a spotlight is enough to scare a burglar away, mainly out of fear of being seen.

Hide your valuables 

Finally, you should hide your valuables out of plain sight, especially when you’re not in. This is especially important if you live on the ground floor or if you’re apartment is in view from across the street, from a courtyard, or from outside. 

You can hide these wherever, so long as they are not visible through the glass.

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