Nowadays, there are various smart and home automation devices out there. However, what is the most popular? This article will answer this question, providing you information on some of the best devices you can have around the home.

Smart thermostat

To begin with, we have the smart thermostat – the bread and butter of home automation devices. A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature of your home (including at different times), with your heating system efficiently adjusting throughout the day to not only provide the best temperature, but to reduce energy costs, too.

Motion sensors 

There are various motion sensor home automation devices out there; however, two of the most popular include regular motion sensors, which are triggered by movement, and then water or flood sensors. These sensors are great for areas prone to flooding, providing you a warning once water begins entering the property, granting you adequate time to prepare.

Smart door locks 

Third, we have smart door locks. These locks remove the need for a set of keys, replaced with both your smartphone (and other smart devices) or a passcode. You can also see who has accessed your home and individual rooms, allowing you to keep an extra set of eyes on your prized possessions.

You can also grant access to friends without the need for a key. And don’t worry, if using these locks around the house, you can lock rooms such as your home study, bedroom, spare bathroom, or other rooms you do not want guests accessing – a must-have home automation device.

Smart doorbell 

Finally, we have the smart doorbell. These doorbells usually come installed with a camera, allowing you to monitor who is at your door before opening it. This is much safer and convenient. And guess what, you can even interact with the visitor from your smartphone, perhaps leaving instructions on where to leave a parcel or letting them know you’ll be down in a few minutes.

With new automation devices released all of the time, our homes are gradually becoming smarter and smarter – it’s safe to say the future of home automation looks both bright and very exciting.

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