Over the last few years, we’ve seen significant advancements in smart devices, from Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, to charging stations for electric cars and kettles that can be boiled and controlled from an app on your smartphone.

However, with this being said, smart devices are still in their early years; there’s still so much more to discover and look forward to. In particular, this blog post will discuss the future of smart homes, including advancements in technology, security, and various other systems – here’s what to expect.

AI technology voice assistants 

Currently, almost 25% of American households have a smart speaker or smart AI device in their home, such as the Amazon Alexa. These act as central hubs for other smart devices, including light bulbs, plug sockets, clocks, video doorbells, and more. Therefore, these aren’t going anywhere, and we can expect them to become even more advanced in the next few years.

Advancements in home security systems

Second, we can expect home security systems to advance even further, paired with smart devices and other AI technology. For example, smart locks, motion sensors, security cameras, glass break detectors, and other devices.

These developments in home security should make homes safer, not only protecting you in the unfortunate event of a break-in or crime but deterring it in the first place.

Smart household objects and appliances 

Finally, in the coming years and decades, we are likely to see various household objects and appliances become smart as well, perhaps connecting to our smartphones and voice-controlled devices (much like they do now!).

These objects could include a shower with the temperature-controlled and set by your phone for increased accuracy, health sensors to increase hygiene and sanitization, and who knows, maybe even a robotic friend to help cook dinner… how’s that for the ultimate smart home.

The bottom line 

Over the few years and beyond, we can expect gigantic leaps in smart technology and devices. The smart home is being re-defined over and over again – it won’t be long before we don’t even recognize just how far we’ve come.

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