If you’ve ever seen any security camera footage, then you’re likely wondering: why is there no sound? When you think about it, the addition of audio would make things a whole lot easier, allowing you to identify potential criminals or wrongdoings in both the workplace or at home.

Despite this, the main reason why security cameras do not record sound, mainly in the workplace, is because this is illegal and unethical. While video recording is entirely legal, recording sound is slightly different; it’s a breach of privacy, it’s intrusive, and even if you’ve got nothing to hide, it’s uncomfortable.

This is the main reason why security cameras do not record sound. However, there are a few more points we would like to discuss, too.

Keeping costs down

Security cameras can be costly. Therefore, without including audio recording equipment, this allows manufacturers to keep the costs further down. Consequently, this makes security and security cameras more accessible for many households and businesses, especially those operating on a much smaller budget.

What about security cameras that record sound at home?

As your home is your own property, you could technically have security cameras that record audio. In fact, there are some security cameras that do record audio, but these simply aren’t as popular. They’re also a lot more expensive.

Nonetheless, these types of cameras do have their place, great for when you’re on holiday or leaving town for multiple days at a time. However, if you do happen to use cameras that record audio, you should inform all friends and family members of this ahead of time. This is polite and respectful and will allow them to make the decision of whether or not they would like to be on the camera or the recording, depending on personal preferences.

The bottom line 

Security cameras do not generally record sound, as this is against the law in places of work. However, on your property, you can do as you please, so long as it remains on your property.

If you do choose to go the route of audio cameras (indoor or outdoor), know that these are often more expensive and that you should inform all friends and family members ahead of time.

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