Whether you have the latest home security devices or you don’t have any, this doesn’t matter too much if you don’t follow a home security checklist. This checklist is a reminder of different tasks, such as locking any outhouses, garages, and sheds and using a TV simulator to make it look like somebody is home at all hours of the day.

Here is our home security checklist all households can follow:

  • Lock all outhouses, garages, and sheds
  • Use a TV simulator 
  • Use a timer for your lights (indoor and outdoor)
  • Ensure your doors and windows meet the safety standards
  • Never leave valuables in sight 

Each of these pointers will now be broken down into more detail below.

Lock all outhouses, garages, and sheds

If you have any outhouses, garages, or sheds, it’s important these remain locked and secure at all times. This is even more crucial if these connect to the home, as a burglar could work on a door or gain entry without being seen.

Check these first thing in the morning and last thing at night at the very minimum. 

Use a TV simulator

If you’re not going to be in for a while, whether you’re on holiday or working evenings, consider the use of a TV simulator. This does exactly as it sounds, making it look as if someone is on the property with the television on.

This is a super useful and relatively inexpensive piece of kit, especially if you’re on vacation – a must-have item on any home security checklist.

Use a timer for your lights 

Alongside outdoor light timers and sensors which activate throughout the night and upon detection of movement, you should also use timers indoors. This is once again for those times where you’re not going to be in. The lights can be programmed to your liking, and later turned off by a timer throughout the night.

This isn’t essential if you’re going to be in, but if you’re out of town or not around, then this paired with a TV simulator gives the impression that somebody is on the property.

Ensure your doors and windows meet the safety standards

Next up, you should check the security of your doors and windows. If you don’t know how to do this, you can seek the help of a professional locksmith, providing you with much-needed peace of mind.

Never leave valuables in sight

Our final component of the home security checklist is never to leave valuables in sight. Even if you’re leaving the house for an hour or so, you should move any expensive jewelry, laptops, phones, and other expensive items.

Leaving these in plain view is a recipe for disaster and significantly increases the likelihood of a burglary. 

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