If you’re considering upgrading to a smart home, or simply looking to improve your home security game, then you’re likely in the market for a few home security gadgets. However, with so many different devices currently available, it can be difficult to know what to choose and what to avoid.

So, with this in mind, this article will highlight our top home security gadgets for homeowners, protecting you and your loved ones around the clock.

Outdoor security cameras

Nothing screams home security gadgets like outdoor security cameras, the bread and butter of all home security systems. Ideally, you should install several cameras, overlooking different areas of your property from multiple angles.

Not only will these cameras catch anything on recording if an incident is to occur, but they’ll also deter crime, too. It’s a win, win. 

Indoor security cameras

Indoor security cameras are less essential than outdoor cameras. However, these are still top home security gadgets. These should overlook both the front and back of your property, providing additional footage, especially if your outdoor cameras are sabotaged.

Window and door alarms

Window and door alarms are slowly becoming more popular, alerting you in the event of an attempted break-in. These work similarly to motion sensors, based on movement, scaring off potential criminals and alerting you immediately to potential danger. 

Motion sensors

Another home security gadget is the motion sensor – a great piece of kit, especially when it comes to alerts concerning intruders or trespassers on your property. Most of these motion sensors send a notification to your smart home hub, informing you of the incident. If the trespasser gets too close, then some models also sound an alarm, with the aim of scaring off the criminal.

A smart home hub 

Finally, you should install a smart home hub, such as a command center. These systems enable you to monitor and control all your compatible smart devices, often paired with a smartphone app for increased accessibility. 

This is crucial, allowing you to view your video doorbell, watch live footage of your cameras, and set up your security while you’re at work or out of town for the weekend.

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