If you’re contemplating upgrading to a smart home, you’ve likely read about the many, many benefits. However, what about the downsides? Firstly, are there any, and second, is it worth the risk of an upgrade?

It goes without saying that upgrading does include a few downsides. But generally, the benefits outweigh the risks/downsides. However, ultimately whether or not you upgrade is down to personal preference. Nonetheless, this blog post will highlight potential smart home downsides, enabling you to make the best decision for you and your household.

Smart homes are expensive

Upgrading to a smart home is expensive, there is no doubt about it, especially if you go the full yard and opt for a security system, central hub, AI voice-controlled device, and smart locks. Furthermore, the number of smart devices and upgrades is extraordinary, potentially costing you thousands of dollars if you fall down the rabbit hole of needing everything in your home to be “smart.”

Potential security issues 

Second, you may encounter potential security issues. While this is definitely rare, you should not rule this out. To protect yourself against cybercrime and security issues, you should create and use multiple passwords for all smart devices, changing these regularly to further increase security.

Also, if possible, set up two-factor authentication, providing you with a further layer of protection.

Smart homes require a constant internet connection

Third, if your home is entirely smart, or makes use of several devices, then you will require a constant and reliable internet connection. If your internet is not reliable or particularly strong, you should consider upgrading these first before making the transition.

Without an internet connection, some devices may be inaccessible, including a smart thermometer, music controls, light controls, and other smart devices.

Maintenace & potential repairs 

Finally, if something is to break or stops working, you may require maintenance and potential repairs. This can be expensive, especially if you have a custom smart home set up, so it’s definitely something that’s worth considering if you’re working on a budget.

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